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To the anon who messaged me wanting to reserve Gladiolus can you please message me over at cristallumdream so we can talk to you about your reservation. Thank you sweetie.
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Litte bit about me;
I’m lauren and I’m currently eighteen (6th february) and I’m from and living in the UK, England *cheers* I have been diganosed with a mental illness called Depression - Bipolar. I’ve been depressed for many years, Since I was Eleven. I have alot of dowhill moments and I am on medicaiton but I still get downhill moments, ofc.  I will warn you, I have self harmed and tried to end my life ALOT of times. The self harming has calmed down and I even put myself in hospital with all of this depression. That is another story, Let’s move on… 
If you would like to read a little more then feel free to visit here.

Why am I raising and what for
Alright, So this secret project is also my dream. This might now be everyone’s cup of tea and people might think it’s simply stupid. That’s okay, This is whay I want to do yanno? *cheers*

The secret project is *drum roll* YOUTUBE! Okay… So it’s nothing like, I wanna be astranaut or something else amazing but Youtube is perfect for me and I have literally wanted to do since a young age, Even before Youtube was invented. As you know, I love games… I ADORE THEM! They are literally my life. Honestly, I’m super good fun on games too. You know like when you watch youtube gamers play, You have fun with their commentary and their laughter. That’s pretty much me *chuckles*

I’ve wanted to do this for as long as I can remember but I’ve been watching a YouTuber who has inspired me to fulfil my dream. I’ve waited this long because, Well I wanted to get a little bit better. With the stress of uploading and such, I would of had a breakdown. Also the guy I’ve been watching has inspired me in a short amount of time and I simply love him. I’ve also waited so long because I never had the confidence. Even if I only just do my voice and no face-cam vids for the games. I was still like “Nope… No way” but now, Now I just want to. I don’t want to live in this shadow anymore.

Why I need help;
Well, I don’t have alot of money… In fact, I have none. Well we have none (family.) I need a new laptop that has the programmes I need and can download. This is in fact a Apple Mac, yes! I have done everything to raise money, If you’ve been following me then you know. I’ve been selling stuff on Ebay, Freeadds, Everything… You name it. I’ve tried to sell stuff there. 

I need your help because I simply can’t do it on my own. The one I want is £580 but we can out a little towards it if it doesn’t reach the actual amount. Well, That’s what my dad said. Hopefully we can sell the stuff on Ebay, Even though it’s failed many times. 

I hate asking for stuff, As many know. This is the most personal thing I have ever asked for. This isn’t just a laptop to me, Just because it’s Apple and shizzle. I need the programmes on it and download programmes that are only for mac. Simply editing the vids I’ll upload, ect. This is to get my life back on track, To focus on my ultimate goal. I believe, I hope I’ll become a YouTube that people know & Make something of my life.

With your help, I can! <3

Thank you;
If you donate, You have no Idea how much you’re helping me out. Believe me when I say this, You’re helping me getting my life together and living my dream. My dream my not be everyone’s cup of tea but to me, It is me! If you’ve read my about or know me then you know I’ve been in this dark rut for too long. It’s time to start my life and make something of it.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you can donate. If it’s a little donation or a big donation. It doesn’t matter, Everything adds up and means the world to me. 

Again, Thank you so much! If you need any information or anything before you/think about donating then please feel free to ask me. It’s totally okay’s.

I love you, Thank you for taking the time to get me back on track and start my life anew! <3

D O N A T E  H E R E! <33

This little lady right here, she’s got a dream we can help her to achieve. I can largely relate to the first part, with the depression and I know for a fact it is damaging to you in more than one way. If you could signal boost this that’d mean a lot to both myself and Lauren. If you could donate $1, £1, €1, ¥1 or however much those equal to in your local currency you’ll bring her closer to her goal. Thank you guys and girls. ♥

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You think I’m not a goddess?

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Auto-shipping is as annoying as Auto-correct and a lot less funny. If a ship’s going to happen, let it build up through RP. Even canon ships are better with RP leading up to hopping on board the Love Boat.

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It annoys me to the point of becoming absolutely livid when people take my muse’s hostility toward theirs as a reflection of my hostility toward them as a person. And then, of course, I’M the bad guy.

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FFXIII X "Red like Roses" 

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"You're honestly such a beautiful person and if it wasn't for the distance and the fact that you're taken, I'd love to date you."


[That is so sweet of you, little anon. Despite my current status, I still have an opinion on people. I have a list of tumblr roleplay partners who I find to be utterly adorable. A few of them, honestly — I would date. Perhaps you may be one of them. :) Thank you for the compliment, dearest.]

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